Bux Group FAQ

What is Bux Group?
Bux Group is a business branch of Bux.to®.Ltd.
The website buxgroup.to is the online point of entrance for all visitors, users, members, advertisers and customers of Bux.to®.Ltd. and its branches Bux PTC, Bux Group and Bux Retail.
Bux Group is also our business branch for selling Bux PTC upgrades and Follower packages.

Can I earn as Bux Group Affiliate?
Yes. As Bux Group Affiliate you earn 15% affiliate commissions on every sale you make for us. You will also have a Special Discount on some of our Bux PTC Upgrades.
You can register your affiliate account on the site of our Bux Group Affiliate Network.



What is a PTC site?
PTC is short for Paid To Click.
Bux.to®.Ltd. started in 2007 with its English based international service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisements on our Bux PTC “Surf Ads” page. Our PTC site to provides for a meeting place between users and advertisers to the benefit of both - everyone’s a winner.

How does this PTC system work?
You view websites our advertisers paid for to have them displayed. The advertisers gain exposure and customers from the traffic to their websites. Depending on your Membership, you can ask to cash out your earnings to your Payza account or you can cashout your earnings into your own Advertising Balance to use for your own advertisement campaigns.

Can other people in my household join?
Household members can join on condition that each has their own IP address, their own valid email address and their own valid Payza account and email address. Please read our TOS.

Can I have more than one account?
Only one account per person is allowed. If you try to make more than one account all of them will be banned and terminated without notice.

I sometimes use a shared computer, is this a problem?
It poses no problem as long as you don’t share the same IP with another member. Please take care to delete your session cookie from any shared computer you use to login to your Bux.to account. You are responsible for keeping your account private and secured.

How much money can I make?
Depending on your membership you earn $0.005, $0.01 or $ 0.0125 per ad you view and d $0.005, $0.007 or $0.01 for each website your direct referrals visit. Premium Members can ask for a cashout of their earnings to their Payza account. Standard Members and Standard Pro Members can cashout their balance to their Advertizing Balance, to launch advertising campaigns. Standard Members and Standard Pro Members can at all times upgrade their membership to Premium Member and subsequently ask for a cashout of their earnings to their Payza account.

When do I get paid?
If you have a Premium Membership and accumulated at least $10, you can enter a cashout request to your Payza account. Your account needs to get audited to verify it’s compliance to our TOS, after which your payment is dispatched via Payza.
Cashouts to Advertizing Balance are instantly transferred from your account balance to your account’s Advertizing Balance.

How do I refer others?
You can use the referral URL you find on your account pages and the banners published on our site to invite others to join as your direct Follower.

Do I earn form the followers my direct followers refer?
No. You only earn from the Followers you directly refer or from the Followers we search for you and for which you pay us to add them to your account.

How does the advertising work?
You can purchase advertising campaigns as a member or as an independent advertiser. You can choose between the available categories, ads page options and ad features. Once your URL is approved you can add views to your campaign or distribute them among campaigns you previously entered. The administrator will then launch your advertisement on our ads page.

Are my visits guaranteed?
You will receive at least the amount of visits you ordered. All outside visits are additional views you receive for free.

Is each visit unique from the last?
Ads reset everyday at various times, allowing you repeated exposure and more sales.

What can’t I advertise?
Porn, illegal content, Paid To Click sites with exception of those we select to be allowed, and any content in violation of our TOS will be refused.


Bux Retail FAQ

What is Bux Retail?
Our business branch Bux Retail sells our E-Learning products on geotargeted buxretail domains. Especially our E-books, written by experts, are very popular.

Can I earn as Bux Retail Affiliate?
Yes, you can be a Bux retail Affiliate, a Bux group Affiliate or an affiliate for both.
As Bux Retail Affiliate you earn 60% commissions on every sale you make for us. You will also get a Speical Discount on all of our products.
You can register your affiliate account on the site of our Bux Group Affiliate Network.